Episode 1 is Free today through Monday

Whew! October was a crazy month. A guy retired at work and I was ‘involuntarily’ promoted. I’ve been picking up lots of extra hours while waiting for someone to be hired and on-boarded to fill my old slot.  Then, we were so focused on the haunted house through the first half of the month and then dealing with the aftermath of a ‘voluntary’ shut down (long story) that I found very little time to do any writing. The haunt will be up and running again next year – plans are already under way for that. In the meantime, it’s time for me to get back at it and finish some things…several things…that I started.

Opera House Ops - Episode 1 CoverFirst things first though. I have a cozy mystery out in serial form, Opera House Ops. It’s exclusively at Amazon (temporarily) and free via Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, I’d like you to know that Episode 1, Breaking In, is free today through Monday at Amazon. The first link will take you to the page on this site where you can read about the serial. The Episode 1 link or clicking the photo on the right will take you right to the Amazon page where you can download it and give it a shot. Enjoy and please, let me know what you think. I’m considering doing more books in the Cozies series this way – as serials. It was fun to write in that format and many readers seemed to like it.

 Healing Embrace CoverMy lesfic romance, Healing Embrace, was due out in mid-late October, depending on the schedule of my proofreader. That obviously didn’t happen. I severely underestimated the time I’d be devoting to all things haunted house related. The first draft is done and my own edits (second draft), are about half or more finished. With any luck at all, fingers crossed, I’ll have it proofed near the end of the month and published no later than early December.

 A project I started working on in late October, after all the hubbub about the haunt died down, the 9th Morelville Mystery, The Turkey Tussle is almost completely plotted. I had that on my calendar to release by Thanksgiving. That’s not going to happen but it’s okay; it wasn’t really a Thanksgiving story, despite the title. I’ll release the blurb soon and you’ll see what I mean. Now, I need to come up with a cover for it that reflects the story rather than the bird the title references. My usual designer seems to be a little stumped by this one. Sigh….

 I had a short NA romance – a novella I suppose I should call it – that I had planned to release around Christmas. I’m still planning to write it and, because my cover designer did come up with a great ‘image’ to use as a base for the cover, I’m planning on keeping it Christmas themed. Maybe if I make it a longish short story instead and burn lots of midnight oil between now and the end of the year, I can produce all three…hmmmm. There’ll be plenty of time to sleep when I retire in 9-10 years, right?!

 I’m off today for Veteran’s Day. I have a to do list that includes working on all of the above plus several more things so I’ll be working on those. I served 22 years combined in the Army and the Army National Guard. I’d like to wish all of my current and former brothers and sisters in arms a Happy Veteran’s Day. It was a pleasure to serve with all of you that I did and I thank you and all the ones who came before and after me, in every branch, for your service.

About Anne Hagan

I'm an East Central Ohio based government employee by day and a fiction author by night. I specialize in mystery fiction featuring lesbian sleuths and cozy fiction featuring women sleuths. I also dabble in romance especially romantic lesfic. I live with my wife and our dogs in a tiny town that’s even smaller than the Morelville of my first fiction series and we wouldn't have it any other way. My wife grew up here and she has always called this little village home. Though it’s an ultra-conservative rural community, we're surrounded here by family, longtime friends and many other wonderful people with open hearts and minds. My wife and I are the co-owners of a commercial haunted house: Hagan's House of Horrors. Much as my dream has always been to write fiction, hers has been to create it through the medium of horror. We went full commercial in 2015. Watch us as we grow!
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