Eight New Writing Projects

I had a tiny little bit of time over the weekend, in between work on Saturday morning and the charity softball tournament I was committed to score-keeping for, to create a new project list to keep me on track for the rest of 2016 and into 2017. I’ve always got a ‘To Do’ list lying around that I dutifully add and subtract from but this list is a bit different. All other things aside, this represents only the books and stories I want to write and not anything else at all that needs doing.

The Passed Prop Book CoverI have eight items on my list representing 19 publications. One item represents two short stories I had originally planned as novels that just are so much better at short story length – I’m thinking 10,000 – 20,000 words each tops. They’ll be freebies, most likely, for that cozy mystery series, The Morelville Cozies, that I’ve been seriously neglecting since releasing the first one, The Passed Prop, in favor of my lesfic mystery/romance series.

My intent had been to focus on a sequel to my lesbian romance story, Broken Womennow that the latest mystery in the main series is out. Barb and Janet’s story didn’t end satisfyingly (enough) for some readers and I know that. It has always been my intent to show their love affair in two distinct parts. Their story is just so much longer than one novel can handle.

Opera House Ops Book CoverThat was my intent but it’s been pushed to number two on the list as the element that represents 11 actual publications on my eight item list has pushed it’s way to number one, a cozy #2. ‘Opera House Ops’ will be released beginning in late August as a serial mystery, one episode a week for 10 weeks followed a couple of weeks after the last episode release as a complete novel. All of the episodes will be available via Kindle Unlimited as will the full novel, at its eventual release.

As I mentioned, I had two stories for the second cozy in mind but they were too short to be books. I started reading up on serials thinking of using them in that way, but they just didn’t fit the ideal structure of a serial which involves a new complete story with each installment (episode) and an overarching story with each full ‘season’. If the series is to continue in serial mode, the books also follow a theme that pervades all seasons. The whole idea of writing shorter works in this manner was intriguing to me.

The Morelville Mysteries series follows Mel and Dana from book to book. They’re the constants throughout. Each novel offers a different story with maybe one or two subplots/story lines. Writing books that way, especially in series, is the norm, of course. The addition of a complete story in each episode of a serial changes things up quite a bit and that’s what intrigues to me. I’m excited about the idea and raring to give it a go. I’ve already commissioned all of the covers – including the one for the full novel (shown above) – and I have all 10 episodes plotted out and the descriptions all written for Amazon. Now I’m writing and it’s just flowing. It’s so much fun, I’m as far ahead of the game as I’ve ever been.

If you’ve read ‘The Passed Prop‘, you know most of the characters that appear in the Morelville Mysteries series appeared there. The focus just turned from Mel and Dana to their families. This serial will be more of the same with, of course, appearances by the two characters so many of you love. If it’s successful, look for me to write more in serial format.

Meanwhile, watch early this fall for a sequel to ‘Broken Women‘ and late this fall for book nine of the Morelville Mysteries series too. They’re both next on the list!





About Anne Hagan

I'm an East Central Ohio based government employee by day and a fiction author by night. I specialize in mystery fiction featuring lesbian sleuths and cozy fiction featuring women sleuths. I also dabble in romance especially romantic lesfic. I live with my wife and our dogs in a tiny town that’s even smaller than the Morelville of my first fiction series and we wouldn't have it any other way. My wife grew up here and she has always called this little village home. Though it’s an ultra-conservative rural community, we're surrounded here by family, longtime friends and many other wonderful people with open hearts and minds. My wife and I are the co-owners of a commercial haunted house: Hagan's House of Horrors. Much as my dream has always been to write fiction, hers has been to create it through the medium of horror. We went full commercial in 2015. Watch us as we grow!
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